Friday, July 16, 2010

The talented one

I discovered SO many fantastic blogs lately, I can't even tell you. The one I love for a longer time is The Cherry Blossom Girl and I couldn't resist showing you some photos that she uploaded on her blog. She's really talented and I truly hope that my blog will be like her's in the future. :)
Tell me if you know some other talented bloggers, let me know for your blog too... Because I adore good photos and stories.



  1. love these photos.. i will have to check her out!!

    my loves are:

    and MY blog is

    check it out :)

    xo jessica rae

  2. gahhh i know what you mean i am on of the biggest fans of cherry blossum girl, shes amazing! i think your blog is fab too, you find some really great stuff for here and i love how it is all so dreamy and sweet, keep up the good stuff



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